Eastern Hemp

Learn – Grow – Repeat

Eastern Hemp Company, LLC conducts advanced research into alternative uses of hemp stalks and develop viable end use products with those materials.  We currently have several prototypes undergoing feasibility testing at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. These polymers will serve as replacements for traditional wood and plastic applications.  It is our goal to help reduce the amount of plastic in our ecosystem and to lessen the degradation from current logging practices.
The industrial hemp market is driven by high demand from the textile industry.  Eastern Hemp Company, LLC are actively seeking research and technical partnerships with public institutions and private enterprises to expand the network and inclusion of services.  Our product offerings will include commercial, residential, and industrial uses across various industries to provide non-structural and insulative components and materials
Injection molding of polymers and polymer-based composite materials is one of the most common manufacturing processes to make common industrial and consumer products.  The development of new materials with improved mechanical and physical properties would expand the use of this process into more high-performance, high-value applications.  Developing advanced fiber and particulate reinforced polymer composites is a common way to meet these advanced material needs. 

 Industries Disrupted

Plastics & Bioplastics

Packaging; Food-services containers
Consumer Electronics

Consumer goods and Household appliances

Wood/Timber (1 acre of Hemp sequesters 1.6 tons CO2 & can be planted 2-4 times per year)

Oil & Gas – Bio-Diesel and Fuel Cells