At Eastern Hemp Company, our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic in our ecosystem and lessen the degradation from current logging practices.


We conduct advanced research into alternative uses for hemp stalk (hemp hurd), transform emerging research into viable technology and sustainable solutions, and develop end use products for industrial, commercial, and residential use.


We seek research and technical partners in the public and private sectors to continue developing solutions for agricultural, material science, energy biotech, and biomedical industries.

Joint Ventures

Eastern Hemp and regional institutions are researching several hemp alternative applications that will hopefully serve as replacements for traditional wood and plastic uses. 

The goal of these joint ventures is to produce a bio-composite, raw material feedstock that can be used in targeted industries. As of 2020, several prototypes are currently undergoing feasibility testing at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

   Consumer Products





Black Leaf Heritage

Black Leaf Heritage is a consortium of businesses and institutions with expertise in materials science research and product development. 

Our goal is to attract public and private investment in the design, use, and manufacturing of sustainable biomaterials as the primary feedstock for B2B markets, particularly the industrial hemp market.

Cultivation and Education

Think and Grow Farms are experts in agricultural technology for controlled indoor farming of high value consumer crops. They are also licensed researchers in industrial hemp for soil remediation and post-harvest processing.



Composite Materials Research and Design

Eastern Hemp Company, LLC are experts in industrial hemp cultivation and research of bio-composites. We are also experienced in light manufacturing and design, as well as upstream and downstream supply chain development.


Policy and Engagement

New Jersey Green Med+ – experts in community engagement, policy, resource development and negotiations; licensed to grow and process cannabis in PA and NJ

Consortium Members

Future Plans

  • Develop research, technical, and strategic partnerships
  • Build Mid-Atlantic hemp and natural materials industrial processing complex
  • Form equitable partnerships with local and regional farmers
  • Create Hemp Industrial Initiative (HII) and set the standard for excellence in the hemp industry
  • Catalyze emerging research in industrial hemp